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What Types of Headaches Do ENTs Treat?

Headache Sufferer

It has been found that most headaches are caused by ear, nose and throat problems. For that reason, it only makes sense that an ear, nose and throat doctor be your first port of call when you have recurring or severe headaches. Here are some examples of the different kind of headaches they can treat.


Migraines are a particular type of headache that can range from moderate-to-severe pain. They are a recurring issue and sometimes have a schedule, so you may experience migraines around the same time of day. Migraines can also make you very nauseous, feel light-headed and make you particularly sensitive to light. Your ear, nose and throat doctor can help you treat migraines by taking a closer look at potential environmental and dietary triggers that lead to them. Additionally, they can prescribe medications, from over-the-counter solutions like ibuprofen to prescription pills such as triptans for more severe cases. Some medications can be prescribed to prevent migraines when you start to feel the initial symptoms.

Tension headaches

These headaches are characterized by a band or strip of pain around the middle of the head, causing the sensation of tension that offers them their name. Besides prescribing different kinds of pain medication to help you learn which treatment offers the most relief, your ear, nose and throat doctor can help you treat the conditions that might be the underlying cause. Certain dietary habits, a lack of sleep and stress are all contributing factors to tension headaches. By diagnosing the issue, your ear, nose and throat doctor can recommend lifestyle changes or specialists that can further help.

Sinus headaches

As mentioned, not all headaches occur in isolation. Of all the different parts of the face that can contribute to headaches, the sinuses are one of the most common culprits. Sinusitis is the term used to describe the inflammation of the sinuses. It can be accompanied by a feeling of blocked sinuses, a blocked nose, fever, increased pressure around the nose and eyes, and even tooth pain, as the tooth nerves in the roof of the mouth are very close to the sinus roots. Ear, nose and throat doctors specialize in treating sinuses, from identifying causes of infection and inflammation to providing decongestants and other treatments.

Neuralgic pains

Inflamed sinuses are one example of a condition that causes neuralgic pains, which are localized pains related to one part of the face in particular. Other types of neuralgic pains can lead to an increase in pressure around the face which, in turn, lead to headache symptoms. For instance, enlarged tonsils and ear infections can both lead to recurring issues with headaches. Your ear, nose and throat doctor is the most qualified individual to help you identify and treat sources of neuralgic pain.

If you’re experiencing severe or recurring headaches, your ear, nose and throat doctor may be just the person to help you treat them. Besides offering different courses of treatment, they can help you better understand the underlying causes and recommend other specialists if necessary.