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What are Custom Ear Protection Options?

Woman with Earplugs

Ear protection can be a necessity for healthy hearing in a variety of life situations. From working in a building yard to being a musician, those simple devices can prevent hearing loss. Meanwhile, they may also be used in daily activities ranging from sleep to swimming.  

Given that no two bodies are the same, particularly with a complex organ like the ear, a standard option isn’t always suitable. Custom ear protection offers far better results, but it’s important to choose the best option for you. While an audiologist can discuss those possible solutions in further detail, here are four to look out for.

Customized earplugs for sleeping

Created by professionals from using an earmold, custom sleep earplugs drown out the sound unlike any over the counter product. That’s because the impression of your ear means the manufactured products are tailored to dimensions of your ear canals. Not only does this guarantee greater efficiency, but you’ll get a more comfortable fit too.

A personalized sleeping earplug may cost a little more. However, the fact they fit properly often means they lost longer without necessarily needing to be more durable. When sleeping in noisy locations, such as working environments, it’ll protect your hearing too.  

Customized noise reduction plugs

Noise reduction plugs are used in a host of situations to protect the ears against exposure to high decibel levels. While standard plugs and muffs do offer some help, nothing beats the results of a perfectly fitted product. The process starts with taking an impression of the ear before the earplugs are manufactured.  

They sit perfectly in the ear to prevent headaches, ringing, and other issues. Plugs serve as a vacuum over the ear canal, which is why plugs are most common. However, they can be designed as muffs that are tailored to your ears too.

Customized music earplugs

Whether a listener or a music producer, the constant exposure can be problematic. Customized music earplugs serve a slightly different role to other devices. Rather than focusing solely on sound levels, they come with a filter that is used to block out certain frequencies and decibel levels. These tend to range from 9-25, with higher levels being most appropriate for drummers.

These earplugs sit in the ear too, which is why an impression is needed for the perfect fit. They tend to last a very long time. The immediate impacts are noticeable, but the long-term results are where they truly stand out from off the shelf alternatives.  

Customized swimming earplugs

Swimmer’s ear is a fairly common condition, and customized earplugs are the best way to fight it. Instead of blocking out sound, these devices are used to block out water. Given that liquid can congeal wax and encourage infection, it’s vital to avoid it at all costs. An earplug that is built specifically to a mold of your ear is the only way to get that maximum level of defense.

They are especially important for those that are prone to infections or have suffered perforated eardrums. Those with pressurized equalization tubes must seek this type of product from a hearing healthcare expert. The silicone plugs will block out some noise too, but not to the point where communication is hard.