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Selecting the Right Audiologist for You

Selecting the Right Audiologist for You

How do you pick the right audiologist for you and your needs? How do you know if you are truly picking the right one for you? There are several things to consider when picking out an audiologist, including who is referring them, what the reviews say and talking to the professional yourself.

Ask for referrals

First ask for referrals. You can ask for referrals from your family or friends or ask another medical professional such as your family doctor or another member of the hearing health professional team such as a hearing instrument specialist. Your family and friends may already know and have an audiologist they work with that they might highly recommend to you or perhaps they know someone that you should avoid; it is also important to know who not to go to as well. Seeking the recommendation from another medical professional is great because they usually only recommend who they know and trust.

Research the audiologist

Next, you will want to do your own research. Check and see if they have a website. Are they a member of the local governing audiology association? Check out public reviews and if there are any complaints or judgements against them. Check into their educational background. Basically do your own background check online prior to making phone calls for more information.

Talk to the audiologist

Finally you will make your phone calls to your small list of potential candidates. Even if you’re not able to talk to the audiologist personally, you can get an idea for the office environment by speaking to the staff. Members of an audiologist’s staff are often the first line of communication you will have when visiting the office, so it’s important they represent the same manner as the professional.

Questions to ask the audiologist

In addition to talking with the audiologist or staff members, be sure to ask questions about the practice. Is the location convenient for you during your work or home commute? Do they offer evening or weekend appointments so that you don’t have to miss work? Getting to know the basics about an audiologist’s practice will help you determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Other information to consider

If you’re experiencing a specific or complicated ear health issue such as tinnitus, be sure to find out if the particular audiologist you’re considering is able to treat this condition. If you’re searching for an audiologist for a child, ask what kind of experience the office has with pediatric patients or how they diagnose any hearing issues differently.

Selecting an audiologist is an important step when it comes to treating your hearing loss; so be sure to find a competent and welcoming professional.