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Research Shows New Way ENTs Can Treat Nasal Polyps and Sinusitis

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Nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis can go hand in hand.  They are some of the most common reasons a person is treated by an ear, nose and throat doctor. Groundbreaking research indicates that ENTs will now have a potent new weapon in their arsenal of treatments.

Nasal polyps and sinusitis problems

Nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis reduce the quality of life for many Americans and others around the world. From pain to frequent runny noses and respiratory distress, both conditions cause waking and sleeping hours to be disturbed. In addition, nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis can also resist pharmacological intervention and may lead to the need for surgery. Researchers have been looking for ways that ENTs can treat nasal polyps and sinusitis more effectively.

Clinical trials show injection may help

Researchers recently published the results of their study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study, “Effect of Subcutaneous Dupilumab on Nasal Polyp Burden in Patients With Chronic Sinusitis and Nasal Polyposis A Randomized Clinical Trial, showed that a certain medication was highly effective in treating nasal polyps and sinusitis.

Trial participants were individuals who had nasal polyps or sinusitis that had not previously responded to standard corticosteroid treatment. They were randomly assigned to receive an injection of dupilumab or a placebo. The trials were conducted in 13 locations in the United States and Europe. 

The researchers found that the patients who received injections of dupilumab had reduced nasal polyp size, and reported increased quality in life. Not only did the polyps shrink, but sense of smell and taste returned, congestion was relieved and their respiratory problems didn’t wake them up at night.

While further trials are needed, this research is promising.