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How Will the Audiologist Help With Tinnitus?

Woman Suffering with Tinnitus

If you’re hearing a persistent ringing or buzzing sound that the world around you cannot hear, you could be experiencing the debilitating condition known as tinnitus. While not life-threatening, it does drastically impact your quality of life. The questions that crop up when that ringing begins can vary from what the cause behind it is or if there are any treatments available.

While tinnitus is not something that can be cured currently, you can find the relief you need with the help of an audiologist. An audiologist can work with you to figure out whether the tinnitus is related to your age, or whether there is an underlying condition that is causing this incessant buzzing in the first place. The cause may not be hearing loss, but the only way to find out is to book an appointment with an audiologist and get tested. The tests that are performed can rule out issues and help with a diagnosis of other ear-related issues.

The source of the problem

An audiologist will evaluate the health of your ears with pure-tone testing and speech testing; these tests can determine whether your tinnitus is due to hearing loss or not. They’ll check the physical structure of the ear, both on the inside and the outside, and they’ll be able to spot common causes of tinnitus. This can vary between a build-up of hard wax in the ear to the pressure from an ear infection, Meniere’s disease and even auditory nerve damage.

Getting the right treatment

Your audiologist will use the knowledge they have from the tests performed to diagnose the reason for your tinnitus. They will then be able to advise whether your tinnitus is related to a medical condition that cannot be helped within the hearing clinic and refer you to the right service that can help. However, if your tinnitus does turn out to be related to hearing loss, an audiologist can treat those symptoms. Hearing aids and listening devices can be recommended, as well as methods to mask the sound of the buzzing and help you to learn to forget the noise in the first place. There are hearing aids that come with a tinnitus masker, which is a device that generates sound to neutralize your symptoms.

Tinnitus can affect you psychologically, which is why an audiologist can also give you methods of treatment that can help with the side effects that occur with tinnitus. These can include cognitive behavioral therapies that can train your brain to forget the noise and carry on with life. An audiologist can do a lot for tinnitus in a way that no other healthcare professional can. They are there from beginning to end to help you to feel more comfortable and in control of your symptoms.