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Dos and Don’ts for Summer Hearing Aid Care

Dos and Don’ts for Summer Hearing Aid Care

Are you ready to “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?” Picnics, trips to the beach, boating, swimming, golfing – there’s lots of fun to be had during the warmer months. But there are some activities that could pose some problems for your hearing aids. Here are some dos and don’t’s for summer hearing aid care.

Do keep your hearing aids dry

Many summer activities involve water, which can damage your hearing aids. Never swim with your units and if you’re going to the pool, make sure you won’t get splashed. Sand and salt water at the beach can damage your hearing aids, so be sure to wipe them down and consider getting special nylon or spandex sleeves to keep grit out.

If you’re exercising or going from warmer to cooler environments, check your units for moisture. At night, open the battery case and use a dehumidifier, especially if you live in a humid area.

Don’t ignore contact with water

Even a little splash can cause a problem, so if your hearing aids do get wet, remove them immediately and dry them off. If the water exposure was more severe, try to use a hearing aid dehumidifier as soon as possible. If problems continue, see your audiologist.

Do take care with sunscreen and lotions

That sun protection you need can cause some big problems for your hearing aids. After applying sunscreen lotion or spray to your face and neck, wash your hands before inserting your units. The oils in the sunscreen formula can clog your microphone and/or vents or leave a film that can damage the plastic.

Don’t leave your hearing aids in the car

It may seem hard to believe, but your hearing aids could melt if left inside your automobile, whether in the glove compartment or on the dashboard. In fact, any place that gets extremely warm is a bad place for hearing aids because your electronics and your batteries also could suffer damage. Keep a waterproof container with you to store your units when you’re out. Don’t use plastic bags that can sweat in the heat. In some cases, it’s best to leave your units at home.

Do carry extra supplies

Find a waterproof container large enough to hold your hearing aids along with some extra batteries, clean wipes, and extra wax filters or tubes (if necessary). Many sporting goods stores carry waterproof containers that are small enough to take along, but large enough to hold extra supplies.

These dos and don’ts for summer hearing aid care will have you ready for “those days of soda and pretzels and beer.” Family fun doesn’t have to be curtailed because you wear hearing aids. A bit of attention to a few details ensures your investment in your hearing aids is protected. As Nat King Cole sings, “You’ll wish that summer could always be here!”