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Times have definitely changed, and you have a choice now as to which type and style of hearing aid you prefer. To find the best hearing aid type for you, work with your audiologist and consider your lifestyle, budget, hearing loss and dexterity needs. Once you have an idea of the type of device you’re looking for, take a moment

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It is estimated that nearly 29 million American adults could benefit from using hearing aids . If you find you have more difficulty hearing than you used to, you are likely experiencing hearing loss and should consider visiting an audiologist for a hearing test. Most hearing aid wearers find these devices dramatically improve their quality of life, but with so

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The debate between one or two hearing aids is perhaps as old as hearing aids themselves. Patients can’t help but weigh the benefits of two hearing aids against the additional price. While most audiologists recommend two hearing aids to benefit the patient’s sound experience, there are a few isolated scenarios where one hearing aid would actually be better.   Cognitive

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