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5 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist the First Time

5 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist the First Time

When you first realize that your hearing loss is affecting relationships your once valued, independence and even safety, there are a lot of concerns and questions you may have.  Going for a first-time visit to an audiologist can leave you anxious and worried. You are not sure of what to expect, ask or even do.

Before visiting an audiologist, you can make prior arrangements to ensure that you are comfortable and get the most out of your scheduled visit. Have you ever left a doctor’s office only to realize that you forgot to ask some pertinent questions?  One way to prevent this is to make a list of questions to ask your audiologist.

Here are five questions that will help your audiologist assess your concerns and provide you with the best available care.

1. What should I expect during the appointment?

This being your first visit, you may not be sure of what to expect. An audiologist will explain what needs to be done during your first visit and on subsequent appointments. Additionally, the audiologist will explain what to expect during the hearing tests and if you’ll need hearing aids. List down everything you may want to know to ensure everything is comprehensively answered.

2. How do you intend to help me?

This question will help you understand what systems they have in place to help you with your hearing loss journey. Find out if they offer counseling sessions, how much hearing aids costs and what will take place during future appointments.

3. What will the hearing test entail?

Ask what type of tests an audiologist will be performing and how much time each test will take. You can also ask to see the equipment that will be used to make sure that you are comfortable with the setup.  The audiologist can even demonstrate the tests that will be carried out prior to carrying them out.

4. What do the results indicate?

At first, it may sound difficult to go over the results of your hearing tests with the audiologist. This doesn’t have to be the case. The audiologist can explain the results in simple terms to ensure that you fully understand.

5. Will I need hearing aids?

After the hearing test, your audiologist may recommend hearing aids. During this period the audiologist will explain the various types of hearing aids, the manufacturers, and the cost. One hearing aid may not be suitable for different patients. An audiologist will advise you on the best type of hearing aid based on your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

Visiting your audiologist for the first time shouldn’t be stressful or complicated. These questions will help you better understand the tests conducted, results and the type of hearing aid you may need.