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5 Questions to Ask an Audiologist

Audiology Appointment

Getting ready for your first audiology appointment?  If you’re one of the 45 million people with hearing loss, chances are good you’re going to need an audiologist. An audiologist is a hearing healthcare professional who can diagnose and treat hearing loss. Because they are specialists, they’re not often seen by the majority of the population. However, they are incredibly valuable and can help many people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

People typically visit an audiologist after receiving a referral from their primary care physician. After setting up the initial appointment, it’s a good idea to write down some questions you have for the audiologist.

Not sure what to ask? Consider these five common questions:

1. What can an audiologist do for me?

It’s important to have the right expectation when going into and leaving your first audiology appointment. Make sure to ask what the audiologist can and cannot do for your condition.

2. How severe is my hearing loss?

Most people will go to an audiologist for undiagnosed hearing loss. An audiologist, after all, is a hearing healthcare professional who can diagnose and treat hearing loss (as mentioned before). Using tests and examinations, an audiologist will be able to determine the type and degree of hearing loss a person has.

3. How can my hearing loss be treated?

After determining the type and degree of hearing loss an individual has, an audiologist will be able to address the issue with one of many solutions. The most common solution is hearing aids, but sometimes other assistive listening devices are required.

4. Can insurance help me with costs?

Make sure to talk to the audiologist about overall costs. Sometimes insurance companies will cover costs associated with hearing loss are covered, but many time they are not. It is important to understand what your out of pocket costs are so you can know how to forge ahead with your treatment plan.

5. What else do I need to know?

It is impossible to know every question to ask, especially if this is your first audiology appointment. Thankfully, an audiologist is experienced and can help to answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

Remember, you don’t have to let hearing loss issues control your life. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area and seek the treatment you deserve.