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4 Questions to Ask About Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid

Learning that you need hearing aids is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. There’s the stress of a major purchase along with the optimism of improving your hearing. With a little research and help from your audiologist, you will find the style and options that are best for you. Here are four questions to ask about hearing aids.

1. What type of hearing aids are best for my hearing loss?

Your audiologist will advise you about the different styles of hearing aids and how they improve hearing. It’s important to provide a comprehensive list of your lifestyle activities. This might include hobbies and events you enjoy, such as golfing, running, swimming, dining out, attending concerts or staying at home with a good book. The type of work you do may also affect the style of hearing aids best for you. Be sure to note if your work in a noisy environment, if you often talk on the phone or if you’re working outdoors. This information greatly assists the audiologist in determining the best hearing aids for you.

2. What about cost and insurance?

Generally speaking, hearing aids are a large investment depending on the model you select. Some of the expense depends on the style (behind the ear, in the ear, in the ear canal, etc.) while special features also contribute to the price. Most audiologists offer financing plans to assist you with payments. Insurance often does not cover the cost of hearing aids but it’s best to check with your company to see if any benefits are available. Some organizations offer financial assistance or reconditioned units may be available, which can help reduce expenses.

3. How long will the hearing aids last?

Most new digital hearing aids will last for five years or more. The lifespan of hearing aids depends on how well you care for them along with the quality of the device itself. Hearing aids almost always come with a warranty which usually runs for two years. You also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty. Keep in mind that any major changes in your hearing over the years may require new hearing aids.

4. How often will I need to see the audiologist?

Once you have your hearing aids, your audiologist will program them for your unique hearing loss. You’ll learn how to care for and clean your units and you’ll find out about cleaning kits and dehumidifiers. You take care of the daily cleaning and your audiologist will recommend how often to take them to the office for a deeper cleaning. Many hearing centers offer free batteries, so you may be stopping by the office every few months for new packs. You’ll also have periodic follow-up appointments.

These four questions to ask about hearing aids cover some of the most common concerns among new hearing aid wearers. Once you are ready to pick up your new units, take some time to write down any concerns you may have so your audiologist can address them.